• The corn noodle machine caters to the fashion of m

    Corn noodle machine to the modern pursuit of scientific diet, coarse grains, coarse and fine collocation diet are becoming the preferred rich machinery entrepreneurs and government poverty alleviation area.Corn noodle machine widely: corn noodles Jiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Jiangxi and Anhui
  • The main reason for the decline in the quality of

    The main reason for the decline in the quality of goods is the accuracy of "over - run" and the "excessive"".First, after the opening of the rice market, the market is basically in a disorderly competition. Because the rice mill depends largely on rice business, rice me
  • Rice processing is an important part of rice clean

    With the improvement of peoples living standard, peoples demand for their own quality of life has also been improved. Rice is the food that we eat in our lives. The important link in the production of rice is the rice cleaning process.Rice cleaning is the first process of milling process. It ma
  • To improve the technical content of corn processin

    With the improvement of living standard, people have higher requirement for the quality of grain, corn processing machinery shipped into. Corn processing machinery can be processed into a variety of products, greatly improve the variety of food, and effectively meet the needs of peoples food.In
  • How to judge is not a real stone flour

    With the development of society, the improvement of living standards, eating and production safety requirements of people for food has been greatly improved, it is love to eat whole grains, especially flour is particularly prominent, asked not to add any pigment and add to pure natural processi
  • How to identify the stone mill flour quality level

    With the improvement of peoples level of production, consumption from food and clothing to a well-off type of conversion, high quality wheat consumption is bound to increase, the level of surface quality directly related to the surface of the color and texture. Grinding stone flour machine high
  • In the future, what is the direction of the advanc

    Our country is a big country of maize production, and there is a certain gap between the developed countries and the corn deep processing equipment, also make the benefit of corn processing in our country have a certain influence. So what is the goal direction of deep processing of corn process
  • Should pay attention to the details of the flour p

    Our country is a big country of wheat production. Flour processing and production is an important part of the economic development of our country. Flour processing equipment manufacturers are also increasing. We know the process of wheat processing, because the sand, often with drying method in
  • January 15th shipment, Indonesia

    In January 15th, 60 tons of wheat bran milling equipment was shipped in IndonesiaFreight loadingFreight loading
  • March 20th shipment, Kenya

    In March 20th, 50 tons of corn equipment was shipped in KenyaFreight loadingFreight loadingBe fully equipped for
  • 2017.4.18, 32 sets of stone production

    18 April 32 Austria Sheng Trade successful customer stone installation and commissioning officially put into operation
  • April 20th shipment, Jiamusi

    April 20th shipment of wheat flour milling equipment in JiamusiFreight loadingFreight loadingBe fully equipped for
  • April shipment 25 Heilongjiang

    April 25th corn equipment delivery in HeilongjiangDelivery sceneDelivery scene
  • 2017.5.4 shipment Heilongjiang

    2017.5.4 Heilongjiang wheat flour milling equipment delivery siteLoading siteLoading siteLoading siteBe fully equipped forBe fully equipped forProduct details
  • 2017.5.6 shipment Inner Mongolia

    2017.5.6 Inner Mongolia rice equipment delivery sceneFreight loadingBe fully equipped for

 18 years of professional production experience
  • Kaifeng City Ao Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.Founded in April 1998, after the reform of grain and oil machinery plant after the establishment of joint-stock Co., Ltd.
  • Total assets of the company reached 16 million yuan, a company's production area of more than 20 thousand square meters, more than 120 employees.
  • Is the first set of food machinery and equipment design, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales training in one of the comprehensive modernization of the company.
领先的技术 庞大的销售网络
 The leading technology of the huge sales network
  • In 2000 the first to develop a complete set of equipment, processing and deep processing of domestic corn grains The preparation, the winery crushing and the corn embryo lifting equipment and so on, has become the domestic corn miscellaneous Grain processing machinery production base
  • With the domestic gujinggong distillery, Hongxing Erguotou winery, COFCO, Bo oil group And other large enterprises to cooperate, and repeatedly exported to Indonesia, Kampuchea, and And Leah, Bangladesh, Kenya, Greece and other more than and 60 countries
业界口碑好 获得多项荣誉
 Industry word of mouth to get a number of honors
  • Won the national IOS9001:2000 certification and has won the national award of "Chinese quality products", "Henan province Mianjian products", "Henan province high-quality brand-name products" Kaifeng contrct credit unit "and other honors
  • Get the customer's praise, customer back rate as high as 90%
 perfect after-sales service system
  • Free to provide professional products using technical advice
  • Perfect after sales service team
  • 7*24 hour hotline service
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  • PHONE:0371-25291888/25298999  18537860811
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