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Price and disadvantage of small flour machine
author: time:2019-11-16
The small flour machine is famous for its flexible processing, convenient operation, different processing performance and great difference in power determining processing capacity. Therefore, the price of the small flour machine is also different.
Flour machine price
The price of the small flour machine is determined by the model. Different models have different processing capabilities. The lowest price of the small flour machine is about 5000 yuan, and the first year's price is more than 8000 yuan. In addition, the processing capability and the quality of their processed flour are different.
The price of the small flour machine is determined by the quality, which is determined by the responsibility of the raw materials and processing technology of the flour machine. Better, of course, is more expensive.
Small flour machine is simpler than large flour machine, so it also has some disadvantages in flour processing.
Disadvantages of small flour machine
The small flour machine does not have the screening function. It needs to be screened manually to remove impurities in wheat. In addition, the separation of wheat skin and embryo is not good, so the treatment of flour color and luster is not the same as good, large flour machine. If too much wheat skin is removed, the yield of flour will be affected.
The roller teeth of the small flour machine also have a great influence on the quality of flour. The more dense number of roller teeth, the fine flour is. However, it will not affect the taste, which is a disadvantage of small flour machine.

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