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  Kaifeng Aosheng industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (under the jurisdiction of Kaifeng Grain Machinery Co., Ltd.), founded in April, 1998, was restructured to be an incorporated company from Kaifeng Xinhua grain & oil machinery factory. It is an integrated and modern company which is the first one in China to concentrate on design, manufacturing, marketing, installation and after-sale training of grain processing complete equipment, with the total assets of 16 million, the phase-I production area of more than 20,000㎡ and about 120 employees. The Company has carried out technical exchange and cooperation with He'nan University of Technology (the previous Zhengzhou Grain College) for several times, continually improving design technologies, and also participated in the improvement and innovation of domestic new-type grain processing equipment for several times.

  As for research & development of graded wheat flour and rice processing equipment, after being developed for more than 30 years, our company successfully developed corn deep-processing complete equipment, coarse grain processing complete equipment, breaking equipment for winery and corn germ extraction complete equipment in 2000, becoming the domestic production base of corn & coarse grain processing equipment. Besides, the Company cooperated with many large-scale enterprises such as Gujinggong Liquor Plant, Red Star Erguotou Plant, COFCO Group, Bofa Oil Group. Its products are exported to about sixty countries including Indonesia, Cambodia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Kenya, Greece, etc.

  In 2015, our company cooperated with Kaifeng Zhongyi Rubber Co., Ltd., successfully developing and producing new-type rubber products, including inflatable rubber model, conveyer belt, conveyer belt exclusively used in grain depot, triangular belt, etc. Our company has obtained national IOS9001:20008authentication certificate and other national honors, including "China Conforming Product", "He'nan Free-inspection Product", "He'nan High-Quality & Famous-Brand Product", "Kaifeng Faithful Enterprise", etc. Besides, we always can obtain our customers' recognition. For many years, we insist our philosophy - business on sincerity and development on high quality, so as to become a leading enterprise in China in producing corn & coarse grain processing equipment, as well as breaking equipment for winery.

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Kaifeng Aosheng industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing, sales, installation and other related businesses of grain machinery and equipment. Welcome to inquire!