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How to improve the flour yield of flour machine
author: time:2019-11-16
Many people may ask, "what is the flour output of a flour machine?" How many kilograms of flour can be obtained after 50 kilograms of wheat is ground ", these problems may trouble you in the process of flour. However, what determines the yield of flour? What should be paid attention to in the operation of flour machine? The following article will answer for you.
What are the factors that affect flour yield?
As we all know, wheat cannot be completely ground into flour. Generally speaking, 37.5kg flour and 12.5kg wheat bran can get 50kg wheat grinding. Under this premise, how can you get more flour with 50kg wheat?
Moistening: soft wheat needs 16 hours, while hard wheat needs 24 hours, which is the best ideal moistening time
Water content of wheat: when the water content of wheat is low, the flour quality is poor, but when the water content is high, the screening effect is poor. Usually, we use eye view, hand touch and other methods to control the amount of damping.
Flour machine size: small mills such as two or flour collection unit, due to the short flour system and less grinding times of materials, the flour yield is 70% - 75%, normally 72% - 73%.
Adjustment of grinding roller distance: adjust the appropriate grinding roller distance according to the material processing degree to improve the working efficiency. Also note that both ends of the roller mill must be consistent. The operation of pulverizer is the key and difficult point of pulverizing process.
These are the problems that need to be paid attention to in the application of flour machine. It is not only the requirement of customers, but also the direction of flour processing machinery manufacturers to make every effort to keep improving flour output.

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