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Basic knowledge of rice processing equipment
author: time:2019-11-16
In recent years, with the rapid upgrading of agricultural machinery, rice processing machinery has become more and more advanced. At the same time, many new kinds of rice processing equipment are springing up, such as rice compressor, rice packaging machine, rice peeler, rice separator, etc.
Rice is our staple food in our daily life. The history of rice is almost the beginning of the family that our mankind appeared on the earth. So today the rice market is very prosperous. How to change rice from paddy rice into rice? Of course, rice mill is essential. However, whether you are a customer or supplier, it is necessary to know some basic knowledge of rice processing equipment and how to select and use rice milling machinery correctly.
The spare parts of rice mill include rice screen, sheller blade and whitening cylinder. Because of the frequent friction and grain between these parts, many parts are easy to wear to some extent. The yield and quality of white rice will be significantly reduced by excessive wear. At this time, you should replace the spare parts. Refer to the user's Manual for information on removing and installing parts.
It is necessary to set up a medium or large scale rice processing plant. They can handle 10 - 100 tons of rice a day. If the processing plant is very small, then the middle and small-scale rice processing plant or rice processing plant will be appropriate combination. They can handle a few tons. If a family or mobile street vendor, small-scale or mobile rice equipment is the best choice.
What should operators pay attention to when rice processing equipment starts to work?
1. Before installing the rice mill in a smooth place, check whether all relevant parts are normal, the connection is loose and the driving belt is in good condition. Pay attention to the lubrication of all components. Only when you make sure that the above part is normal can you get the rice processing equipment running.
2. Remove debris, brown rice, such as stone aggregate and iron. There should be no big rocks and iron to avoid damaging the rice equipment. Check whether the rice humidity meets the requirements.
If all the above preparations are well done, now you can start to grind the rice with the rice mill.
After work, there are also some important things that need your attention. When you unload the rice processing equipment, you should pay attention to the following items to avoid damaging the machine.
1. Unload rice processing equipment in a reasonable order. Generally from accessories to main parts, from outside to inside.
2. Machine parts shall be classified according to the properties and precision of materials.
3. Reduce the disassembly time.
4. Keep clean during the process of mud or grease decomposition.
5. After the installation and disassembly are ready, the installation efficiency and correctness shall be improved.
6. Use proper tools to remove the rice milling machine. It is forbidden to knock it hard to avoid damage or deformation of machine parts.

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