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Ymft150 corn processing equipment
author: time:2019-11-18

(Fully-dry type) corn hulling process is adopted for YMFTA150 corn deep-processing equipment, and low-fat corn grit, corn flour and corn bran of different sizes can be produced. Besides, corn germ extraction system can also be provided if required, with dry method adopted for corn germ extraction. The equipment is very suitable for brewery and medicine manufacturer.

1.Technical indexes of equipment

Product categories: corn grit, corn flour and corn bran.

2、Power consumption: 50-60 kilowatt-hours for processing of 1 ton of corns;

3、Rate of finished products: corn grit: about 45-55%; corn flour: about 30-20%; corn bran & germ: about 25%, total yield of corn grit & corn flour: 75-80%.

2、 Quality indexes of finished products

1、Fineness degree of corn flour: 40-150 meshes (fineness degree can be adjusted arbitrarily).

2、Sand content: not more than 0.002%

3、Magnetic metal content: not more than 0.003g/kg

4、Water: stored: 13.5-14.5%

5、Color & smell: pink, smell & taste are normal.

6、Fat content: 1-2%

Total power of equipment: 365kw  covering area of the equipment: length*width*height: 27*7*8m


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