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Ymft100 corn processing equipment
author: time:2019-11-18

(Fully-dry type) corn hulling process is adopted for YMFTA100 corn deep-processing equipment, and low-fat corn grit, corn flour and corn bran of different sizes can be produced. The complete equipment consists of bucket elevator, vibrating screen, magnetic classifier, low-pressure fan, stoner, emery roll huller, bucket elevator, cylindrical silo, emery roll huller, bucket elevator, double-wind hulling & polishing machine, bucket elevator, self-balance vibration classification screen machine, gravity germ extractor, grinding machine, elevator, drum polisher, elevator, drum polisher, low-pressure fan, suspension sieve, elevator, classifying flat sieve, air-suction separator, etc.

Quality indexes of finished products:

1、Fineness degree of corn flour: 40-150 meshes (fineness degree can be adjusted)

2、Sand content: not more than 0.002%

3、Magnetic metal content: not more than 0.003g/kg

4、Water: stored: 13.5-14.5%

5、Color & smell: pink, smell & taste are normal.

6、Fat content: 0.5-1

Total power of equipment: 285kw  covering area of the equipment: length*width*height: 23*7*8m

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