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What is the future direction of corn processing machinery in China
author: time:2019-11-18
China is a big country of corn planting and production, and there is a certain gap between China and developed countries in corn deep processing equipment technology, which also makes the benefit of corn processing and production in China get a certain impact. So what is the future direction of corn processing machinery in China? It has a great relationship with all related industries of corn processing and production. The establishment of a small machinery editor thinks that it should develop to the following points.
1. Realize systematic processing, with short time and high efficiency: corn deep processing machinery can realize a series of one-time processing of corn, such as cleaning, peeling, slag breaking, grading, embryo lifting, whole grain, polishing, grinding, flat screen grading, etc., greatly reducing the time of corn processing and production, not only improving labor productivity, but also realizing the continuous and automatic corn processing process It reduces the production cost.
2. Advanced technology and reasonable structure design: at present, the advanced corn deep processing machinery technology in the world includes bucket elevator, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, low-pressure fan, stone remover, sand roll peeling machine, bucket elevator, silo, sand roll peeling machine, bucket elevator, double air peeling polishing machine, bucket elevator, self balancing vibration grading screen machine and specific gravity lifting machine Embryo machine, grinder, elevator, cylinder polishing machine, elevator, cylinder polishing machine, low-pressure fan, suspension screen, elevator, grading flat screen, air suction separator and other equipment, reasonable and compact structure design, beautiful shape.
3. Using stainless steel material, durable: the deep processing machinery of corn is made of stainless steel material, which is ingenious and ingenious in design. It not only ensures that the corn flour is free of impurities, safe and durable, but also requires low cost of equipment maintenance, which can significantly improve the economic benefits of users.
4. Realize the full automatic processing scale: the corn deep processing machine can realize the full automatic control of the whole corn processing process, which only needs one person to operate. The operation is very simple, convenient, safe and reliable. It can process 20-250 tons of corn per day. It is a set of equipment that truly realizes the production scale of corn deep processing machine.

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