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The details of the operation of the stone remover in flour processing equipment
author: time:2019-11-18
China is a big country in wheat production. Flour processing is also an important part of China's economic development. Flour processing equipment manufacturers are also increasing. We know more about the wheat processing technology, because the small surface of the drying method often contains inorganic impurities such as sand, brick, cinder, mud, etc., so the use of stone removal machine is inevitable for flour processing. What about the details that should be paid attention to when the stone removing machine is running? There are several points in the summary of the establishment of the machine today.
1. Equipped with a separate air net: the stone remover mainly relies on the role of wind to make the sand and wheat produce classification, the wind speed and wind pressure in the stone remover directly affect the stone removal effect, therefore, the stone remover must be equipped with a separate air net, and the appropriate fan shall be selected according to the requirements of the operation manual to ensure that it has a stable and sufficient air volume and wind pressure.
2. Abrasion condition of screen surface: after long-term use, the screen surface is weaved and corrugated and ground flat. Stones are easy to slip and roll on the screen surface, difficult to take off, unable to climb and discharge, and easy to flow to the wheat outlet along with the material flow, affecting the stone removal effect. At this time, the stone screen surface must be replaced.
3. Whether there is air leakage from the equipment link: the stone remover has soft connection at the inlet, outlet and air duct. Once it is damaged, the air volume and air pressure in the machine will be unstable, which will directly affect the stone removal effect, the soft connection must be replaced in time.
4. Whether there are impurities blocking the screen: at present, the vast majority of stone removal machines use woven screen. After long-term use, nails, broken wires and other impurities are embedded in the screen, blocking the screen, affecting the stone removal effect. Therefore, it is recommended to set a magnetic optional device above the stone removal machine feed inlet.
5. The angle of the screen surface should be appropriate: if the angle of the screen body is small, the stone is easy to climb, and more heavy wheat also climbs to the stone discharge opening. In order to ensure that there is not too much grain in the stone, it is necessary to increase the wind speed of the reverse air flow, so that there will be more stone based stone wheat mixture on the sieve plate of the stone discharge section. It is difficult to distinguish between the stone and wheat. If there is more stone, there will be a part of the stone flowing to the wheat outlet along with the wheat flow Therefore, if the angle of the sieve body is too large, it will be difficult for the stones to climb the slope, and the stone discharge section will be lengthened. Some stones will flow to the wheat outlet along with the wheat flow, resulting in the decrease of stone removal efficiency. Therefore, the obliquity of the screen surface plays an important role in the effect of stone removal.

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